The ASC Difference

The NUCCA upper cervical method of spinal care and body balance is unique among chiropractic methods, and Dr. Lapenski and Advanced Spinal Care are unique among chiropractic practices throughout Washington and the nation. Our goal is to correct and stabilize each patient’s misalignment and empower them to optimize their healing and symptomatic picture. The NUCCA spinal correction and Advanced Spinal Care’s Success Plan has helped many patients with chronic pain who have lost hope. It is not uncommon for our office to work with patients who have seen 5-10 other chiropractors and medical specialists without success.

The ASC Success Plan

The Advanced Spinal Care Success Plan provides a solid foundation for healing by correcting the underlying issue, stabilizing the correction and optimizing the healing process through a program that re-empowers the body. This process speeds and strengthens the healing process while addressing the effects of long-term degeneration.

Our three phase approach is designed to:

  • Identify and correct the underlying cause and initiate the healing process. Our first objective is to correct the entire spine back to a balanced, unstressed position. This reactivates the body’s self healing process in order to relieve pain and symptoms as quickly as possible.
  • Stabilize the correction and allow the body to heal. Once the initial NUCCA chiropractic correction is made, we will work to ensure the correction holds. Recovery will continue as long as the correction is maintained. Patients, who allow adequate time for the correction and stabilization of body balance, will see the best long term results.
  • Optimize the healing process and rehabilitate the damage. During this time your body is going to take approximately a month to recover for every year your spine has been misaligned providing the NUCCA chiropractic correction is maintained. This phase is where people will begin learning new ways to take better care of themselves, which often times aids in the stability of the NUCCA correction.

Our Success Plan has been extremely helpful for migraine relief, trigeminal neuralgia, asthma, unsuccessful neck and back surgery, vertigo relief and many chronic pain conditions. Patients who maintain their correction by visiting their NUCCA chiropractor (Dr. Lapenski) periodically, find they can live a pain free life, strengthen their body’s natural defense system, and increase the overall quality of their lives. Visit our Testimonial Page to see what our patients have to say about the impact NUCCA care has had on their health.

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