Carpal Tunnel Relief

Although it might seem that carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition born from long hours spent working on a computer keyboard, carpal tunnel syndrome actually has numerous causes…some of which have very little to do with the wrist!

Bounded by bones and ligaments, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway – about as big around as your thumb – located on the palm side of your wrist. This tunnel protects the median nerve, the main nerve to your hand, along with nine tendons that bend your fingers. Because the median nerve is a mixed nerve, meaning it has both sensory and motor function, pressure placed on this nerve produces the numbness, pain and, eventually, hand weakness that characterizes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many people with carpal tunnel syndrome assume that the problem is coming from compression of the nerve at their wrist, since that is where the pain is. However, it is very common for these types of symptoms to exist when there is a misalignment in the neck. The median nerve originates from the nerves in your lower neck. If the nerves of the neck are being compressed, wrist and hand pain is a common symptom.

A NUCCA chiropractor offers a corrective procedure that restores balance to the skull, neck and spine in order to remove compression to the nerves. Research has shown spinal corrections to be a significant benefit for patients who suffer from the pain, numbness, and weakness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Read testimonials from patients on how NUCCA chiropractic has helped them!

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