Back Pain Testimonials

Suffering from crippling back pain? Here are what some of our patients had to say about being treated with the NUCCA method at Advanced Spinal Care.

When I first came here as a patient, my neck was stiff and in pain as well as my lower and middle back.  I would go to bed and lie there for a bit and when I would get out of bed or turn over in bed I would wince in pain.  The problem got worse when I was in a car accident in May 2013.

Since I made the decision to get care from Advanced Spinal Care, and Dr. Lapenski made my correction, I have noticed a considerable difference and less pain in my neck, middle and lower back.  I’m not wincing in pain like I used to.  I feel much better and am more flexible and even energetic!

John E.

When I started care, my pain levels were constantly at high levels (always a 5 or higher).  Many nights with sparse (3-4 hours) sleep – never “deep” sleep.  I was very limited in many activities indoors or outdoors – anything heavy or strenuous was just too painful, even with proper body mechanics.  I had limited neck mobility.  I couldn’t turn my head to look over my shoulder.  Overall I was groggy and irritable.  I was unmotivated to exercise or really do much of anything because of my pain levels.

Today, my pain levels are drastically improved (down to average of 2-4 or even lower).  Most nights now I sleep 6-8 hours and do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  Many activities I’ve resumed with normal (or very close to normal) function.  I still limit heavy lifting, yet can otherwise do regular chores and most fun – take my dogs out on wonderful long hikes!  I can look over my shoulder again and do not wake up in pain, groggy and irritable.  I am able to feel energized upon waking and motivated to start my day!  I don’t need coffee to get moving in the morning and I wake up feeling refreshed. Thanks!

Kelli C.

My life experience was quite active, having worked in various forms of construction.  I spent multiple years in the fire/EMS field, and served a term as active-duty military.  Consequently, my back has taken a beating.  My back and neck has bothered me chronically through the years, from very mild impact to quite limiting episodes.  I have experienced certain times when my lower back was so stiff and traumatized that my flexibility was severely limited.  At 25 years of age, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee.  Running was my primary mode of cardio exercise.  My knee degenerated to the point I stopped running around age 27.    This was a depressing realization for an active human.  When I stared under NUCCA care, my left leg was ½” shorter and I carried 13 pounds more on my left side.  This created a lot more stress for my left knee to endure.

Today, I am 32 years old and able to hike and run while remaining functional afterwards.  My knee has dramatically improved from its low health point about 5 years ago.  My knee stiffens up much less than it used to, when I would drive for longer trips.  The majority of my life now, I do not notice an issue with my knee.  While years past, it’s limited function negatively impacted my active life.  My brain is now able to communicate properly with its bodily domain.  Since I started NUCCA, I haven’t experienced episodes where my back is tremendously stiff.  At those times, it was a physically difficult effort to leave bed.  Now, my back pains me much less when I drive for an extended time.  The pain in my back is mostly nonexistent or very mild at this stage in the healing process.

NUCCA and the cherished staff at Advanced Spinal Care are a significant reason I experience the current quality of life I have and continue on the path of healing.  For them and the accomplishment of their mission in life, I am deeply grateful!

Jesse M.

I came to see the doctors here because I had been dealing with several problems for decades. I had such severe mid-back pain I could only sleep 3 hours per night and it was hard to breath. My low back hurt bad and the pain traveled into my legs. I had frequent headaches and just felt bad overall. I thought I had tried everything. When I came here they explained things thoroughly – I had a goal to reach and a plan on how to get there. My quality of life is much better. I can sleep through the night. My mid and low back are nearly perfect and I can breathe again. I feel much better overall. My care here has literally given me a new lease on life. I can do things now that I could not do before- simple things like standing to do the dishes, grocery shop, etc. I highly recommend this care to EVERYONE!


I came to Advanced Spinal Care as a last resort. I had suffered from constant low back pain and numbness into my leg for the last 10 years and the orthopedist wanted to fuse several vertebrae in my low back. After starting care I can move again! I can play with my daughter and play sports with very little pain or stiffness. My headaches are also almost completely gone. It didn’t happen overnight, but by being a little patient, my life has improved dramatically!


For over 40 years I had pain in my neck and shoulders. I had been to see my MD, had been given all kinds of medications and still had no relief. Now after seeing Dr. Lapenski, I have no pain. I walk better, sleep better, can work harder, and my life is better!


I was always very physically uncomfortable and tight throughout my back and most of the rest of my body.  I could not sit still for more than a few minutes and had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I also had hip/neck/lower back pain at times for no reason.  Because of these things, I was often fatigued.

Since my first adjustment, I have noticed a night and day difference in my body.  I no longer feel the constant tightness I was always fidgeting to relieve.  I can sit through church without thinking about it or having to get up and walk around and I sleep through the night.  I used to wake up 2-3 times or take hours to fall asleep and now I sleep early and throughout the whole night.  I feel significantly better and healthier!

Savannah B.

Before I started NUCCA care, my upper and lower back ached all of the time.  I have been to several doctors with only temporary relief.  I had lower back surgery.

Since starting at Advanced Spinal Care my upper back has greatly improved.  It feels great!  My lower back now gets sore when I work out in my yard but those are sore muscles and the pain will go away now.

Jackie M.

Before seeing Dr. Lapenski, I was experiencing lower back pain.  I was in a motor vehicle accident and was treated by a traditional chiropractor and physical therapist.  I was also advised by a physician to try cortisone shots as a pre-cursor to possible surgery.  Since surgery was not on my list of options and other forms of treatment were unsuccessful, I came to see Dr. Lapenski.

Today, I feel great relief from my pain.  My work day has become much easier.  Also, I feel more energetic at the end of the day.  All of the activities I was apprehensive to participate in because of previous pain are things I feel I can enjoy again.

Kyle R.

I had been a patient at Advanced Spinal Care and I quit coming in.  My lower back became constantly tight and achy after hard work and heavy lifting.  It never seemed to go away anymore.  The muscles between my shoulder blades were always tight and I couldn’t find a cure – it wouldn’t go away.   My neck vertebrae felt like they were shifting around dramatically after I quit treatment too.  It was all ongoing.  Many of my joints went back to popping and my left knee popped drastically.

Now that I’ve returned to consistent care my low back has loosened up and the pain disappeared within days of getting adjusted again.  It was more relaxed immediately after that adjustment.  I can now feel my hips are level when I am lying down.  My neck still feels like it’s moving around a little but not nearly as drastically and it doesn’t feel scary like it did before.   My muscles between my shoulder blades have not fully loosened up and are not completely pain free yet but it is greatly improved.  My joints don’t pop like they were doing and there hasn’t been a pop in my left knee at all!

John C.

I noticed a difference immediately after my first correction. I could tell I was walking straighter than ever before, and I could bend over without any pain. I couldn’t believe it! The ride home was almost entirely pain free and I remember thinking ‘This is it! My back is finally healing.’ I am sleeping much better and my appetite has returned. Even better, I am now able to enjoy many of the activities that had been such a huge part of my life before my back injury. The care I have received has been incredible. I would highly recommend that anyone who has been suffering with pain to come see Dr. Lapenski.


Over the last five years I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture; I even saw a pain specialist. I had 8 injections in my spine and was taking up to 12 Advil a day. After all this I still suffered from severe pain in my neck and mid-back. I was also starting to have pain and tingling down my arm and I had lost most of the sensation in my thumb. I was surprised that within a few weeks of being adjusted, the pain and tingling in my arm completely stopped and I have most of the sensation back in my thumb. My neck and back pain is also a lot better. I can’t believe with all the people I saw in my search for relief that no one ever suggested that I see a NUCCA doctor. I think they should be common knowledge. If you’re reading this, just try it worked for me!


After breaking my back 6 years ago, I continually had back, hip and neck pain. I thought I would have to live with it, but Dr. Lapenski has changed my mind. I feel like a new person! Not bad for someone the medical doctors said should be paralyzed.


After my first correction I felt immediate relief from my neck pain. I felt so much better that I went out and did some heavy yard work. Since then almost everything I was dealing with has gotten significantly better.


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