Headache Testimonials

Suffering from headaches? Here are what some of our patients had to say about being treated with the NUCCA method at Advanced Spinal Care.

I used to have frequent headaches and lower back pain.

I was referred to Advanced Spinal Care by a family member and today I now have very few headaches and my back pain has all but disappeared!

Author:  Brian H.

I used to have lots of headaches and pain in my mid back.  I also had very low energy.  The pain I had in my left shoulder was so bad that I could hardly stand it.

Today I am free of most of the pain in my head and in my shoulder.  Pain is totally gone 99% of the time.  I sleep much better.  After 30 years of pain, I am free at last!  This works!

Author:  Susan R.

Before I came to see Dr. Lapenski, I had constant pain in my low back and a sharp pain in my lower right leg while running. I also had chest pains, constant migraine headaches and occasional dizziness. I noticed a change immediately after my first adjustment. The change was most apparent when I returned to the gym. Prior to starting care, I would usually start to feel my lower leg cramp up right around mile one, but this time I didn’t feel it at all! Over the course of the next two months, I noticed my breathing improve, my headaches started to become less and less noticeable to the point now where I can’t recall the last migraine I had. My lower back hasn’t hurt in a very long time. I am more active and I have a lot more energy.


Before I started with Dr. Lapenski, I just felt off.  I had headaches, back and neck pain that caused me to not sleep well.  I think most of my issues were caused by a car accident which is what brought me and my mom to Advanced Spinal Care to begin with.

After consistent care I don’t have any headaches anymore and I sleep like a rock now!  I have minimal back pain but nothing to slow me down.  I’ve noticed the biggest difference in me and my horse.  Because I’m now sitting right, he has had to adapt to my correct posture and now he is different too!

Author:  Brooke M.

Within 6 weeks my headaches were 90% better and the pain in my low back was almost completely gone. I couldn’t believe the difference after only a few weeks!


I had been suffering with headaches 3-4 times a week for most of my life. I’m so glad to finally have found something that can help and that it’s not something I just have to live with. In addition to no longer having headaches, my low back pain is better and I no longer have numbness into my right hand.


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