MS & Other Testimonials

Do you suffer from multiple sclerosis? How about a sciatica or postconcussion syndrome? Carpal tunnel? Failed back surgeries? What about a weak immune system? Here’s what others suffering from the same problems as yourself had to say after visiting Advanced Spinal Care.

Multiple Sclerosis

When I started, I had chronic mid and lower back pain secondary to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I also had a bulging disc in my neck that severely limited my range of motion.  Both of these conditions interfered with every aspect of my life.  I was having problems sleeping, so I was also extremely fatigued.  Before I received my first adjustment, [the doctor] asked me to take a Rand 36 questionnaire (a study to determine my quality of life – because of my MS).

My neck pain from the bulging disc is very infrequent and much less painful when it does bother me.  My mid and lower back pain is also much less.  I sleep much better so my level of fatigue has decreased.  At the end of my initial schedule of care I repeated the Rand 36 questionnaire and [Advanced Spinal Care] was able to measure that every aspect of my quality of life has improved since beginning care!

Heidi B.

Weak Immune System

I came in to see Dr. Lapenski for low back pain, but I also had an enlarged spleen, a low WBC count, and chronic fatigue all associated with my rheumatoid arthritis. To my surprise, not only did my low back pain resolve, but my spleen decreased in size, my WBC count went back up and I have more energy. It has been amazing!


Carpal Tunnel

One of the major improvements was my carpal tunnel. I had been told previously that I would have to have surgery within the next year or so. It was totally gone! No symptoms whatsoever! Then there were the ‘small’ things: I no longer would get dizzy when I closed my eyes; I was sleeping much better; and my sensitivity to scents has all but disappeared. Now, several months later, no hand tremors at all! And my head tremors are almost non-existent, so seldom and so slight that they are hardly noticeable. I expect that they too will be 100% gone shortly.


Postconcussion Syndrome

I’m just a kid!  I didn’t have any symptoms I didn’t think.  But I did have a concussion from a fall in gymnastics.  As a result from the concussion I have suffered from headaches and neck pain on and off ever since.  Since the concussion, I started having a lot of problems at school.  I have not been able to do gymnastics since (3 months)!  Mom says I have to switch to swimming.

After coming in with my mom and watching her get adjusted, my mom wanted me to get taken care of too.  After just a few weeks, I feel better.  I don’t have headaches or neck pain any more and I am doing better in school again!

Brianna T.

Failed Back Surgeries

After two back surgeries, I was finding myself in pain again. I had numbness into my legs and pain in my low back. Immediately after my first adjustment my low back pain was gone. I also had less pain in my neck. Within a few weeks the numbness into my legs and hands were gone, too. I am doing really well and don’t have to have another spinal surgery!



I was given Dr. Lapenski’s name, and his specialty in NUCCA, when my battle with sciatica was at its absolute worse. I had been suffering from sciatica on and off for 35 years. Prior to starting care, my medical doctors had recommended physical therapy and surgery with no guarantees that they would help with my pain. I have been under Dr. Lapenski’s care for nearly three years. Not only did my sciatica resolve, I sleep better, and generally feel so much better. I happily engage in a variety of activities including my regular exercises including Yoga. I know that I am a healthier person thanks to NUCCA and what it naturally delivers to patients.