Suffering from numbness in your body? Here are what some of our patients had to say about being treated with the NUCCA method at Advanced Spinal Care.

My right should was in a lot of pain.  I also had numbness in my right hand and fingers.  I had no strength in my right hand either.

Since I started care with Dr. Lapenski, I now have no pain in my right shoulder.  I only have 10% numbness in my right and fingers now!

Mark G.

Prior to seeing Dr. Lapenski, an MRI had revealed I had several bulging discs in my neck. I was given a few cortisone shots and the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. After my first adjustment I felt much better overall. My neck is doing great and the hand numbness is pretty much gone. My low back is doing much better and I don’t have numbness into my leg. I’m sleeping better. I’m walking better. I’m even back to swimming and gardening.


Before starting care I had suffered for years with constant neck and back pain, hip pain and numbness into my arms and legs. Within a few days of my first adjustment, I was having very little pain and no arm or leg numbness. It’s been six years now and every now and then I may experience occasional numbness, but it doesn’t come close to what I experienced before seeing the doctors at Advanced Spinal Care. I feel great!


Immediately after my first adjustment, the pressure at the base of my skull and in my throat was gone. Within a few weeks the numbness in both my hands and feet were gone too! I never imagined I’d feel this good!


I came to see Dr. Lapenski because I had been dealing with severe numbness into my hands. I was facing a job change because of this. I also was having several migraines per week and had neck and low back pain for more than 16 years. I had no energy. All I can say is this stuff works! My low back pain was 75% improved after my first visit and my neck pain was gone. Soon my hand numbness was gone and I don’t have to change jobs. I have not had one migraine and my energy is back. I recommend this place to everyone. They are very caring and it has changed my life!


The numbness in my hands is gone! My neck and shoulders don’t hurt at all! I haven’t felt this good in 20 years!


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